Director of Enterprise, General Designer

Igor F. Kravchenko
SE Ivchenko-Progress Director of Enterprise,
Designer General,
Academician of Engineering Academy of Ukraine,
Doctor of Technical Science


Igor Fyodorovich Kravchenko was born on February 1, 1956 in Seversk, Donetsk region in the family of office-workers. Since 1979, upon graduation from the Kharkov Aviation Institute with the speciality in aviation engines, he has been working at SE Ivchenko-Progress.

He worked his way from a design engineer to Designer General, Head of enterprise.

During his activities at SE Ivchenko-Progress I.F. Kravchenko took active part in the design and development of more than 20 types and derived versions of aircraft and industrial GTEs that are currently in operation in tens of countries all over the world.

Over a long period of time, he has been involved in the design and development of GTE combustion chambers, first as a designer engineer, then as a lead designer since 1992, and as the department head from 1995 to 2003, combining the work in the department of combustion chamber design with the guidance of the experimental development activities at the enterprise in the capacity of Deputy Chief Designer between 2001 and 2003.

I.F. Kravchenko is among those who designed high-effective combustion chambers having excellent reliability, service life, and ecological characteristics.
Unique technical solutions were developed under his guidance, which extended the range of stable operation of GTE combustion chambers and were granted the inventor’s certificates and patents. His efforts made it possible to achieve significant success in reducing hazardous emissions by engines below the levels permitted by ICAO.

I.F. Kravchenko contributed much to the improvement and optimization of the engine control laws, specifically, at the start-up, and under transient operation conditions. A substantial scope of work to support the certification of the D-18T, D-436(T1, TP), TV3-117VMA-SBM1 engines for the emission characteristics was accomplished under his guidance. I.F.Kravchenko as Deputy Chief Designer for the experimental development, was engaged in the development of parameters for new aero engines and industrial units.

In 2003, I. F. Kravchenko was appointed Chief Designer, First Deputy Director of enterprise. With his direct involvement, the experimental development on the D-27 engine for the Antonov An-70 airlifter was continued the D-436-148 engine for the Antonov An-148 regional jet was certified. I.F. Kravchenko headed the development of the AI-222-25 engine for the Yakovlev Yak-130 trainer, the experimental development activity for creating the Ukraine’s first afterburning turbojet engine, the AI-222-25F, and the development of the AI-450M turboshaft engine for the Mi-2M helicopter upgrade. I.F Kravchenko has authored more than 400 monographs and scientific papers, including 54.inventor’s certificates and patents.

In particular, he is among the authors and the direct development manager of a low-emission combustion chamber providing advanced environmental characteristics for engines used at power-generating and gas-pumping stations, and an inert gas generator with unique applicability to various industry fields, including for fire-fighting purposes.

I.F. Kravchenko was elected as a Corresponding Member of the Engineering Academy of Ukraine (EAU) in 2004, and a full member of EAU in 2008. For a successful solution of the tasks set by the government, a weighty contribution lent to the science and engineering development, I.F. Kravchenko has been awarded the Honor Diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (2001), the Third Class Order of Merit (2000), and the Second Class Order of Merit (2003). Pursuant to Order 19-D issued on February 12, 2010 by the Minister of industrial policy of Ukraine, I.F. Kravchenko was appointed Designer General, director of SE Ivchenko-Progress.

Pursuant to the decision issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on September 29, 2015, I.F. Kravchenko was awarded the degree of Doctor of Engineering. Pursuant to Order 338-k issued on November 30, 2015 by Ukroboronprom, I.F. Kravchenko was appointed Director of enterprise.