General Designer, Director of Enterprise

Igor F. Kravchenko
Designer General, 
SE Ivchenko-Progress Director of Enterprise,
Academician of Engineering Academy of Ukraine,
Doctor of Technical Science

Igor Fyodorovich Kravchenko was born on February 1, 1956 in a town of Seversk in Donetsk region in a family of office-workers. Since 1979, after graduating Kharkov Aviation Institute and acquiring  a specialty of aero engine designer  he has been working in SE Ivchenko-Progress. He made a successful career starting from a position of engineer-designer to Designer General, CEO of the company.

For the years of his activities in SE Ivchenko-Progress I. Kravchenko took active part in  the design and development of over 20 types and derived versions of aircraft and industrial GTEs currently operated in tens of countries in the world. As an engineer-designer, then, as a project designer (1992), and later, as Head of design department (1995-2003) he was involved in the design and development of GTE combustion chambers;  alongside with his work in a combustion chamber design department  I. Kravchenko was leading the experimental and development works performed by the company  (2001-2003) as Deputy Chief Designer.  He was among those who designed high-effective combustion chambers featuring high reliability, service life and ecological characteristics. Under his leadership the  unique technical solutions, which offered a wider range of stable operation to the GTE CCs and granted the inventor’s certificates and patents were found.  The  attempts made by him to get noxious emission levels lower than adopted by ICAO requirements were of great success. He contributed much to the improvement and optimization of the engine control laws, specifically, at starting and variable power settings.  An ample scope of works on assuring of a certification for D-18T, D-436(T1, TP), TV3-117VMA-SBM1 engines   on emissions was headed by I. Kravchenko.

As Chief Designer assistant in the experimental and development works I.Kravchenko was engaged in the development of parameters for new aero engines and industrial units.

In 2003, Igor F. Kravchenko was appointed a Chief Designer, the first Deputy CEO. Due to  his direct participation the experimental and development works on D-27 engine for An-70 airlifter were proceeded, and D-436-148 engine for a regional An-148 aircraft was certified. It was I. Kravchenko, who headed the development of AI-222-25 engine to power Yak-130 trainer and the fulfillment of the experimental and development works on the design of the first turbojet engine with afterburner  in Ukraine, AI-222-25F, and the AI-450M turboshaft engine required for upgrading Mi-2M helicopter.

I.Kravchenko is author of over 400 scientific publications and articles including 54 author’s certificates and invention patents. He is, especially, one of the authors and a direct manager of the works related to the design of a low-emission combustion chamber offering advanced ecological characteristics to the engines installed at power-generating and gas-pumping stations, and also an  inert gas generator with unique utility capabilities including a fire extinguishing.       Igor F. Kravchenko was elected an Associate of the Engineering Academy of Ukraine in 2004, and a full EAU Associate in 2008.

For successful solution of the  tasks set by the government, a valuable contribution made  to the science and engineering development the Ministry for Education of Ukraine awarded Igor F. Kravchenko the Diploma (2001), and he was decorated with the Orders of Merit, Class III  (2000) and Class II (2003).

Igor Fyodorovich Kravchenko was appointed a Designer General, CEO of SE Ivchenko-Progress according to the order No. 19-D dated 12.02. 2010 signed by the Minister of Industrial Policy of Ukraine.

The Attestation Board under the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine, by its decision dated 29.09.2015 conferred an academic degree of Doctor of Engineering

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