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Patenting of Enterprise’s Inventions

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Intellectual property – this is an exclusive right for using products of creative activity for commercial purposes.

Our enterprise possesses a large volume of intellectual property within which a considerable portion occupies the industrial property in the form of inventions, useful models, industrial models and trademarks.

The history of creating the intellectual industrial property in the enterprise originates in the postwar years. Among the great number of certificates given to the enterprise known is the USSR author’s certificate for an invention filed to a patent application in June 20 1953. Beginning from the second half of sixties our enterprise has made the first steps on protecting its own rights abroad. In June10 1966 for the first time filed was to a patent application an invention in Great Britain and obtained was a patent titled «A Centrifugal Compressor having a Surge-Elimination Device». This invention relates to the design of the AI-8 auxiliary gas turbine engine that was developed at that period. During the 1969-1983 period issued was a series of author’s certificates for inventions that were protecting our rights on the territory of Czechoslovak Republic. At this time the enterprise was closely cooperating with the Povazska Bystriza Company on manufacturing a two-shaft turbo-jet engine, DV-2. For some of these inventions patents were obtained in Germany, Poland and USA.

At present the enterprise possesses the different kind of protective documents. Among them are many USSR author’s certificates, which partially are transformed to patents of Russia and Ukraine, patents for inventions, useful models and industrial models, certificates for useful models and declaration patents.

Countries of patenting enterprise’s inventions
Great Britain 1 patent
Italy 1 patent
Czechoslovakia 13 inventor’s certificates
Poland 3 patents
Germany 3 patents
USA 3 patents
USSR 314 author’s certificates
Russia 89 patents
Ukraine 92 patents

Letters patent for «Best year invention» and award for «Gold trademark» for enterprise’s trade mark
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