AI-450С/СD/СР Turboprop


The family of turboprop engines AI-450С/СD/СР is designed for the use on multipurpose general aviation aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles. Installed on the DA50-JP7, DART-450 (Austria)

Emergency rating (S/L static; ISA +5°С)
Рower, hp 495
Takeoff (SLS, ISA +15 °C)
Power, hp 400…495
Specific fuel consumption, kg/hp/h 0.28
Maximum cruise (H=3,000m, V=250 km/h)
Power, hp 280
Specific fuel consumption, kg/hp/h 0.28
Dimensions, mm 1,108 х 575 х 702
Weight, dry kg 130


  • DА50-JP7


  • DART-450


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