AI-305 Turbojet Engine

Designed for use as part of single-and twin-engine propulsion system for general-purpose aircraft. AI-305 is the engine of the new generation, in the thrust rate of 200 … 300 kgf, with specific consumption at the level of the existing turbojets in its dimension.

Takeoff power rating (H=0, Мп=0, ISA,
Thrust, kgf 310
Specific fuel consumption, kg / (kgf * h) 1,18
Maximum cruise power rating (H=7 000 m, Мп=0,8; ISA)
Thrust, kgf ((maintained up to tamb = + 10 ° С) ) 110
Specific fuel consumption, kg / (kgf * h) 1,40
Dimensions and weight
Diameter of the compressor inlet, mm 232
Length, mm 650
Dry engine weight, kg 61