D-136 Turboshaft

Designed for helicopters of various applications, in the load class up to 20,000 kg. It is mounted on a Mi-26, Mi-26T helicopter. Conforms to current ICAO environmental standards. Has Type Certificate. It has been produced in series since 1978.

Takeoff (Н=0, Мп=0, MCA)
Power, hp 11 400
Specific fuel consumption, kg/h/hp 0,198
Dimensions, mm 3715 x 1382 x 1124
Weight, kg 1077
Specified service life, h 3 000
Сертификат типа Госавислужбы Украины

Certificate of State Service of Ukraine

Сертификат типа АР МАК

Certificate of type AR MAK (D-136)

Сертификат типа СААС

Certificate of type CAAC (D-136)


  • Mi-26T


  • Мі-26Т