“Aviadvigatel” tests combustion chamber developed by the Ukrainian enterprise SE Ivchenko Progress for PD-14

Moscow. December, 2. AviaPort – JSC “Aviadvigatel” carry out tests of the combustion chamber developed by SE Ivchenko Progress for the advanced aircraft engine PD-14.

The combustion chamber for the PD-14 engine was developed in Ukraine, Zaporozhye, at the Ivchenko Progress state enterprise, according to the “Aviadvigatel” JSC’s Requirements Specifications. The combustion chamber was manufactured at SE Ivchenko Progress together with “Motor Sich” JSC, tested on the test bench and delivered to “Aviadvigatel” JSC. In Perm the combustion chamber was rested again on the test bench, then as integrated in gas generator, and now  passes tests as integrated in the PD-14 prototype engine. “According to the preliminary data the performance characteristics and indices of the Ukrainian combustion chamber are very good”, – said to “AviaPort” Victor Chuyko, President of ASSAD (Aircraft Engine Building Union Association).

He reminded that the development and manufacture of a combustion chamber for the PD-14 engine is carried out on a competitive basis. The choice will be made between two combustion chambers developed by Perm “Aviadvigatel” JSC and SE Ivchenko Progress. The volume of work connected with tests of the Ukrainian-developed combustion chamber is very large, and I don’t think that these tests can be completed at the end of this year”, – Chuyko thinks.

According to his story, earlier tested was the Perm-developed combustion chamber. The PD-14 demonstrator engines are furnished by the Perm combustion chambers.

Commencement of engine flight tests on the flying test-bed aircraft are scheduled at September, 2014, and the first flight of the MS-21 aircraft powered by the PD-14 engine – at November, 2015. Certification of the new-generation aircraft engine, PD-14, according to the Russian airworthiness standards is scheduled at 2015, and according to the European airworthiness standards – at 2017. Specific fuel consumption of the PD-14 engine will be by 12-14% less as compared with the engines of A320 and Boeing 737 aircraft. The PD-14 will be chipper by 15% in operation also as compared with the most in-demand at the market western engines СFM56 and V2500.

The advanced PD-14 engine price, according to the going prices, shall not exceed the PS-90A engine price.

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Photo illustration by ЗАО «Металлист – ПМ» http://www.metallist-pm.ru/news/1738/