The first two-stage gas generator of D-18T engine series 3M was tested

Currently, a corporation named Scientific Production Association “A.G. Ivchenko” (Motor Sich JSC and Ivchenko-Progress SE) continues the work on upgrading D-18T turbofan, which has no analogues in CIS countries, and which is installed on An-124 (Ruslan) and An-225 (Mriya) aircrafts. According to technical characteristics, namely: the transportation of oversized cargo weighing up to 250 tons – Mriya and up to 150 tons – Ruslan, these aircrafts are now unsurpassed in the world.

A new engine modification series 3M with FADEC control system, improved acoustic performance and low emission level of harmful substances in order to ensure prospective ICAO standards, was developed by cooperative labor of Ivchenko-Progress SE, which is the developer, and Motor Sich JSC – D-18T engine manufacturer. Safety measures are taking to achieve assigned resource of 50000 hours, equal to the resource of An-124 Ruslan air frame.

In July 2014 the first two-stage gas generator of D-18T engine series 3M was assembled in Ivchenko-Progress SE. Since August, the company embarked on a special certification tests to assess the strength and gas-dynamic characteristics of gas generator. Assembling of first full-sized D-18T engine series 3M is planned by the end of the year for its certification tests.