Scientific and Technical Conference “New Developments and Technologies in the Aero Engine Manufacturing”.

February 1st, 2016 the scientific and technical conference “New developments and technologies by SE Ivchenko-Progress in the design, manufacture, maintenance, and repair of aircraft engines over the period 2010-2016. The extension of cooperation ties” took place.

The conference program included presentations on current issues in designing advanced aircraft gas-turbine engines, developing automatic control and monitoring systems of engines and accessories, introducing innovative aviation technologies into experimental and series production of gas-turbine engines.

The opening address on behalf of SE Ivchenko-Progress was given by the first deputy director of enterprise, the chief designer Vyacheslav Merkulov.
Вячеслав Михайлович Меркулов

In his speech he focused on key milestones in the activity of the enterprise in recent years and the future development prospects. Considered in details were the key activities of the enterprise, the development of the engine family for passenger, transport, and multipurpose aircraft, the testing and development of parts, sections, and systems of the gas-turbine engine.

In particular, considered were the results of development of the D-436-148FM wide chord fan without vibration damping platforms, the D-18 series 3 pear-shaped nozzle, the development prospects of the AI-222 engine family.
Владимир Федорович Мозговой

The chief process engineer of Motor Sich JSC Vladimir Mozgovoy scrutinized main issues in introducing innovative aviation technologies into the series production of the gas-turbine engines
Сергей Борисович Беликов

The rector of Zaporozhye National Technical University Sergey Belikov told about the experience of cooperation between ZNTU and SE Ivchenko-Progress.

Among the speakers at the conference were also the SE Ivchenko-Progress chief engineer A. Podobniy, the SE Antonov chief designer V. Ischuk, the chair of the Aircraft Engine Design Department, KHAI S. Epifanov, Dr.Sc., the FED PJSC Chairman of the Board V. Popov.