The State Enterprise Ivchenko-Progress

The State Enterprise Ivchenko-Progress

The enterprise belongs to SC Ukroboronprom and is a leader in the Ukrainian aircraft engine manufacturing industry. It has a portfolio of 75 certificates, including certificates of aircraft developer, certificates of design/manufacture/retrofit/repair/maintenance quality for aircraft engines and gas-turbine drives, engine type certificates issued by the Bureau Veritas Certification Ukraine (BVQI), the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine, the Aviation Register (AR) of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC), the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviation).

60 aircraft types are powered by engines from SE Ivchenko-Progress. Thousands of engines are in service in more than 100 countries. Total operating time of the whole fleet of gas turbine engines in service exceeds 300 million hours.

The experimental and research facility of the company is one of the most powerful in Europe. It numbers 17 test benches and 78 rigs which provide a possibility to complete various tasks of testing engines, and their per-component development.
SE Ivchenko-Progress takes active part in international scientific and technical projects for the purpose of development and adoption of advanced technologies, materials, design solutions for new-generation aircraft engines and gas-turbine drives. For instance, since 2006 it has become a member of international scientific and technical projects – CESAR, AERO-UKRAINE, ESPOSA, OXIGEN, AERO-UA, PARE – that are endorsed by and have received funding from the European Commission.

Large are scientific resources of the enterprise: At different times, 34 candidates of technical sciences, 6 doctors of technical sciences worked and are working. The enterprise holds more than 350 patents and inventor’s certificates.
On December 13, 2016, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine issued Certificate No. 02253 of confirmation of the scientific organization status to SE Ivchenko-Progress. The enterprise has been brought into the State Register of Scientific Organizations. Based on long, accumulated experience, new gas-turbine engines are designed, and production engines refined at the enterprise.
Presently, activities are proceeding in the following directions:

Turbofan engines:

– For the Antonov An-124 Ruslan and An-225 Mriya wide body transport aircraft application, SE Ivchenko-Progress has developed: a new modification of the D-18T engine, the D – 18T Series 3, with improved acoustic performance and low emission level. For the aircraft in this class, a new engine AI-38 is now under development.
– For the Antonov An-148 and An-158 short-haul airliners and the Antonov An-178 transport application, SE Ivchenko-Progress has developed the engines: D-436-148, D-436-148FM. The AI-28 new-generation engine family is being designed with broad integration of advanced materials and technologies, new design solutions.
– For trainers and light warplanes application, SE Ivchenko-Progress has developed the engines: AI-25TLSh, AI-322 and AI-322F, a modification of the AI-322 with afterburner.

Turboprop aircraft engines:
– For the DA50-JP7 general aviation aircraft and the DART-450 trainer from Austrian Diamond Aircraft, SE Ivchenko-Progress has developed the engines: the AI-450C and AI-450CP. For the DART-450 series-produced aircraft, the AI-450CP-2 engine, a modification of the AI-450CP with enhanced power, is now under development.
– For the UTL-450 trainer demonstrator from the Ukrainian State Enterprise KB AON, a mockup of the AI-450C engine has been supplied.
– For the Antonov An-140 short-haul airliner and its transport modification, the TB3-117BMA-CBM2 turboprop engine, a modification of the TB3-117BMA-CBM1 production engine with enhanced power, is now under development.
– For the Antonov An-70 short take-off and landing military cargo aircraft application, the D-27 turbo propfan engine has been developed, which remains the world’s only series-produced engine with double-row counter-rotating propeller to date. The Antonov An-70 has entered service with the Air Force of Ukraine.

Turboshaft aircraft engines:
– For light multi-mission helicopter application, the AI-450 engine family has been created. The engines power the Mi-2MSB, Mi-2MSB-V, and MSB-2 modernized helicopters.
– For heavy-lift transport helicopter application, the AI-136T engine has been developed.

Industrial engines and installations:
The team of the enterprise creates technologies for industrial applications. This direction includes 21 types of engine in the power range from 0.5 to 25 MW as well as installations on their basis such as electric stations, compressor stations, fire-fighting machines, etc. The D-336 family gas-turbine drives ranging from 4 to 10 MW run as part of more than 160 aggregates at 45 gas transport compressor stations and electric stations in 8 countries.
The D-336 family gas-turbine drives have high efficiency and reliability, low level of pollutant emission corresponds with modern standards. The total operating time of the D-336 gas turbine drives in operation exceeds 3.2 million hours, some of drives have served for period of more than 50 thousand hours.
2.5 MW AI-2500 gas-turbine drives, 20 MW MST-198 turbine modules have been installed in tens of electrical stations.

Now, the enterprise looks ahead with confidence. It has everything to be one of the world leaders in the development of state-of-the-art, reliable and environmentally perfect engines.