Acceptance testing of the first AI-450CP-2 engine

In January 2019, the first AI-450CP-2 engine, slated for delivery, was assembled and passed the acceptance tests at SE Ivchenko-Progress. The AI-450CP-2 turboprop engine, with a maximum take-off power of up to 750 h.p., is a modification of the AI-450C-2 engine, developed for an aerobatic aircraft using with the use of outcomes results of our enterprise’s participation in the International European ESPOSA project. The tests of the full-sized AI-450C-2 and AI-450CP-2 have been performed since August 2018 at SE Ivchenko-Progress, and the work is nowadays carried out to prepare the engine for the beginning of the development tests as part of a trainer. The first deliverable engine has proved compliance with the basic data specified in the Requirements Specification when performing acceptance tests, and is prepared for delivery to the customer.