Installation of the climate test bench

The enterprise manufactured and installed the climate test bench for testing engines as part of the K-2 plant of Experimental Research Facility.
In order to develop promising aircraft engines, and their further certification according to the requirements of international organizations, the company produced the climate test bench. At the moment, the climate test bench is the only and unparalleled in Ukraine.
The climate test bench (photo 1-3) allows us to test aircraft engines with simulated flight conditions of the aircraft. In the climate test bench, conditions are created that simulate the air velocity at the engine inlet during flight in a wide range of Mach numbers; conditions simulating negative and positive air temperature; pressure that acts at different altitudes. In this case, the climate test bench is equipped so that it is possible to measure thrust, gas-dynamic parameters, vibration levels at various units of the tested engine, as well as the flow pulsations along the gas-air duct and strain in its parts.

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