Long-term life tests of a turboprop engine AI-450CP-2

At the site of the “Ivchenko-Progress” SE’s Experimental and Testing Complex, the next scheduled long-term equivalent-cyclic testing of the AI-450CP-2 turboprop engine has been successfully completed, aimed to establish the first overhaul period for the engine prior to the start of its flight testing as part of a new TA-20 training aircraft, developed by CEA Design GmbH (Austria).
Between June and August 2021, the engine underwent 1,600 test cycles, during which the minimum power of 750 hp was maintained, as well as the maximum values of all main engine performance parameters required by the test program were ensured.
The obtained test results confirmed the possibility of establishing the first overhaul period of 600 hours for the engine.
Together with the previously carried out set of works under the flight tests preparation plan, the completed long-term life tests allow the “Ivchenko-Progress” SE’s team to proceed with the drawing up and approval of Certificate of Flight Readiness for the AI-450CP-2 engine and starting flight tests.