Advanced projects

SE “Ivchenko-Progress” is a part of SC “Ukroboronprom” and a leader in aircraft engine manufacture in Ukraine.
Field of company activity: design, manufacture, testing, maturation, certification, putting into series production and overhaul of gas turbine engines for aviation and industrial application.
SE “Ivchenko-Progress” obtained dozens of certificates issued by Bureau Veritas Quality International, Ukraine (BVQI), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), State air service of Ukraine, Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee (ARIAC), Federal Air Transport Agency (Rusaviation): certificates on aviation products; quality certificates for design, manufacture, modernization, overhaul and technical maintenance of aircraft engines and gas-turbine drives; engine type certificates.
Aircraft engines, designed by SE “Ivchenko-Progress”, power over 60 types of air vehicles. Thousands of engines are in operation in more than 100 countries of the world. Total operating time of the whole fleet of gas-turbine engines in use makes over 300 mln h.
Experimental and research complex is one of the most powerful in Europe, it contains 17 benches and 78 special facilities to solve various issues on engine test performance and their per-unit upgrading.

Ministry of education and science of Ukraine has listed the enterprise on the state register of scientific organizations.
The enterprise takes active part in international scientific and technical projects in order to create and inculcate prospective technologies, materials, design solutions into aircraft engines and gas-turbine drives (GTD) of new generation. Thus starting from 2006 it was a participant of international scientific and technical projects approbated and funded by European Commission: CESAR, AERO-UKRAINE, ESPOSA, OXIGEN, AERO-UA, PARE, AMBEC.

Bypass turbofan engines:
̶ new modification of D-18T engine was designed for wide-body transport aircraft Аn-124 “Ruslan” and Аn-225 “Mriya”: D 18Т, series 3М with improved acoustic performance and low emission level. For aircraft of such class designers of the enterprise are developing new engine: АI-38;
̶ D-436-148, D-436-148FМ engines were designed for short-haul passenger aircraft Аn-148, Аn 158 and transport airplane – Аn 178. The family of new generation engines АI-28 is under design with wide inculcation of prospective materials and technologies as well as new design solutions;
̶ engines АI 25ТLSH, АI 322 and its modification with afterburner – АI-322F were designed for trainers and light combat aircraft.

Turboprop aircraft engines:
̶ engines АІ 450С and АІ 450СР were designed for utility aircraft DA50-JP7 and trainer DART-450 of Austrian company “Diamond Aircraft”. The modification of higher-powered engine АІ 450СР-2 is designed for airplane DART-450;
̶ dummy engine АІ 450С was supplied for trainer demonstrator UТL-450 belonging to Ukrainian company “KB АОN”;
̶ turboprop engine ТV3 117VМА-SBМ2, the modification of higher-powered series-production engine ТV3 117VМА-SBМ1 is designed for short-haul passenger aircraft Аn 140 and its transport version;
̶ for the military transport short-takeoff and landing plane Аn-70 it was designed turboprop engine D 27, which as of today’s date remains world’s only series propulsion engine with two coaxial contra-rotating propellers. Aircraft Аn-70 was put into service in air force of Ukraine.

Тurboshaft airplane engines:
̶ the family of engines АI-450 is produced for light utility helicopters. The engines power upgraded helicopters Мi-2МSB, Мi-2МSB-V.
Ukrainian helicopter МSB-2 “Nadiya” made its maiden flight on April 16, 2018. Helicopter МSB-2 “Nadiya” is an upgraded version of Мi-2. It is 70% made of composite materials. The helicopter will be passing the tests within one year.
– engine АI 136Т was designed for heavy lift helicopters.

Piston aircraft engines
Having obtained rich experience in design and maturation of piston engines such engine PD N-050 was designed for small unmanned air vehicles at the company.

Indusrial engines and plants
Employees of the company make products for industrial application. This direction amounts 21 engine types in the power range from 0,5 to 25 МW as well as plants on their base: power and compressor stations, fire-fighting equipment etc. Gas-turbine drives of D-336 family with power from 4 to 10 МW operate as part of more than 160 units at 45 gas transmission compressor stations and power stations in 8 countries of the world.
GTEs of D-336 family have high efficiency and safety, their low level of pollutant emissions meets modern allowances. The accumulated operating time of GTE D-336 is over than 3,2 mln hours, several drives were operated more than 50 ths hours.
GTP АI-2500 2,5 МW, turbine modules МSТ-198 20 МW are installed at dozens of power stations.