Director of Enterprise, General Designer

Igor F. Kravchenko
SE Ivchenko-Progress Director of Enterprise,
Designer General,
Academician of Engineering Academy of Ukraine,
Doctor of Technical Science


Igor Kravchenko was born in Seversk, Donetsk Oblast, on February 1, 1956, into a family of employees. Since 1979, upon graduation from Kharkiv Aviation Institute with a degree in aircraft engine design, he has been working at SE Ivchenko Progress. He started as a design engineer and worked his way up to become Designer General, director of the enterprise. On February 12, 2010, in accordance with Decree by Ukraine’s Minister of Industrial Policy, No. 19-D, I.F. Kravchenko was appointed Designer General, head of SE Ivchenko Progress. On November 30, 2015, in accordance with SE Ukroboronprom Directive, No.338-k, he was appointed director of the enterprise.

Over the years of his work in the enterprise, Igor Kravchenko has actively participated in the design and development of more than 20 types and modifications of aircraft and ground gas turbines, which are being operated in many countries of the world. For many years, he has been involved in the design and development of combustors for gas turbine engines, first as a design engineer, since 1992 as a lead designer, then as a department head from 1995 through 2003, his time being divided between the department of combustion chambers and the guidance of enterprise’s experimental and development work as Deputy Chief Designer in 2001-2003.

In the capacity of Deputy Chief Designer for experimental and development work, Igor Kravchenko was responsible for the development of parameters of aircraft engines and ground units. Under his guidance, the experimental and development work was carried out for engines such as D-27 for the An-70 medium-lift transport, the AI-222-25F (AI-322F) afterburning turbojet engine; considerable emission certification efforts were made for D-18T, D-436(T1, TP),TV3-117VMA-CB. The D-436-148 engine successfully passed the State bench tests and was certified for the regional An-148 and An-158 aircraft.

Inherent aspiration of Igor Kravchenko to ingenious technical solutions had a comprehensive impact on the development of combustors for ground-based engines. He co-authored and led the development of low-emission combustion chamber, which contributed towards the cutting-edge performance of engines for power and gas transmission stations.

The AI-19GIG engine, which was developed under direction and with his participation Igor Kravchenko, has exceptional potential in many fields of national economy incl. the fire fighting and is in great demand with domestic and foreign customers. The development of a program package for mathematical simulation and computation of gas turbine combustion chamber performance is a personal merit of Igor Kravchenko. He contributed considerably to the improvement and optimization of the engine control laws, especially at the take-off and under transient conditions.

First in Ukraine, design methods for afterburning combustion chambers (ACC) and variable-area exhaust nozzles (VAEN) have been developed and implemented. Main feature distinguishing them from large majority of available ACC and VAEN is their high bypass ratio.

The whole work is carried out in cooperation with many institutes of Science Academy of Ukraine, universities, and leading aerospace enterprises. A package of research studies is under implementation that focus on the development of next-generation engines.

The enterprise team, under the guidance of Igor Kravchenko, works in different thematic fields including aircraft propulsion engines such as AI-450C2 /AI-450CP-2, AI-450-2, AI-450BP/BP-2A, AI-350, AI-305, AI-130, AI-1500, AI-5000, AI-8000, AI-201, D-436-148FM, D-436TP-FM, AI-28, D-18T Series 3M, AI-38, AI-322F, AI-322-30/F, AI-136T/AI-136T-2, AI-8000B, AI-127, H-050; industrial equipment such as gas-turbine drives of the D-336/AI-336 family , and the next-generation AI-312 gas turbine drive. The enterprise maintains good relationships with aircraft manufacturers in Ukraine, SIC countries, China, Austria, India, Turkey; participates in EU-funded international research and development projects such as the 6th Framework Programme CESAR, the 7th Framework Programme AERO-UA, ESPOSA, OXYGEN, the Framework Programme HORIZON 2020 AERO. UA, PARE, AMBEC with the goal to develop and implement advance technologies, materials and design solutions in the aircraft engine manufacturing and next-generation gas-turbine drives.

As director of the enterprise and general designer, Igor Kravchenko focuses his scientific and organizational work to direct the efforts of scientific and technical departments towards solving the problems related to the contemporary development of the sectors of national economy of Ukraine such as aviation, fuel-and-power, machine building.

Igor Kravchenko is author of more than 400 scientific works and papers, including 54 certificates of authorship and invention patents. He was elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Engineering of Ukraine in 2008. Igor Kravchenko is a member of the editorial boards of The Engine Technology Newspaper, The Aerospace Technique and Technology, The Technological Systems. He was assigned as member of the Research Council on the problems of deformable solids mechanics by the directive of the office of the Mechanics branch of NASU in 2016.

Thanks to his efforts, in 2016, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine entered SE IVCHENKO-PROGRESS to the State Registry of scientific organizations.

In 2017, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine approved the decision of the Attestation Board under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine about the dissertation council under the chairmanship of Igor Kravchenko. In March 2018, a specialized academic council was established at the enterprise with the right to accept and conduct the defense of dissertations for PhD degree in Engineering Sciences by specialty Engines and propulsive systems.

Igor Kravchenko’s achievements in solving state tasks, important contribution to the development of science and technology was distinguished with a diploma of honour in 2001. He is full cavalier of the Order of Merit. In 2013, he was recipient of the Prize of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for the development and introduction of innovative technologies; in 2015, awarded with a badge of honour by the State Concern Ukroboronprom, a diploma honour by the Supreme Council of Ukraine. In 2016, Igor Kravchenko was honored with a diploma of honour by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, a diploma by the State Concern Ukroboronprom, a honorary coin of the city of Zaporozhye for personal contribution to the development of the city, an anniversary medal “25 Years of the Independence of Ukraine”. In 2020, by the decree of the President of Ukraine, I. F. Kravchenko was awarded the title “Honored Machine Builder of Ukraine” for considerable personal contribution to the scientific and technological development of Ukraine, significant labor achievements and high professionalism.

SE Ivchenko Progress uses cutting-edge technologies, state-of-the-art equipment, and technological advance for the development of new products. The enterprise takes measures to increase the technical level, modernize and rebuilt the existing manufacturing facilities, establish optimal working, living, and recreation conditions, increase production standards and occupational safety.