The advanced technologies of aero engine design and manufacture allowed to ensure a high reliability, quality and fuel effectiveness features to the industrial gas turbine drivers (GTDs) and power units at the reduced time and cost limits established for their development and production. Every year SE IVCHENKO-PROGRESS expands the frames of its presence in the world’s market of industrial gas turbine units.

The SE IVCHENKO-PROGRESS specialists have a permission from the GosOkhranTruda to execute mounting, starting and adjustment works. The company offers to its Customers the services on the mounting and maintenance of the gas turbine drivers and the training of specialists as well. The after-sales support of GTDs in operation ensured by the manufacturer’s representatives makes it possible to analyse specific features of a driver operation at a particular compressor station, to manage interaction between the station and GTD systems, to enter corrections in the algorithm of GTD control and adjustment. Within a short time the company’s representatives will train the personnel

of the compressor stations in maintenance and operation processes for the equipment in accordance with the Maintenance Manuals, and in fast elimination of unscheduled situations. The above mentioned procedures ensure a trouble-free operation and allow to increase the consumer’s characteristics for GTDs and improve their maintainability.