Test Bench

tech112The experimental and test facility of SE IVCHENKO-PROGRESS executes a per-assembly development and test of the engines, researches carried out for the purpose of a further improvement of the engine design, growth of the engine reliable operation and fuel effectiveness, design and manufacture of the process control systems, current-controlling devices, heat-resistant strain gauges. There are more than 90 units developed for performing various tasks.

So, for example, a sector of hydraulic tests and automatic control systems is intended for tests of the engine electronic control systems, fuel systems and oil pump blocks; a strength sector is intended for strength researches, fatigue defect researches, acceleration

and low-cycle tests of the engine rotor wheels; a gas dynamics sector is intended for advancing gasdynamic researches of axial flow and centrifugal compressors, GTE turbines, thorough researches of combustion chambers.

The researches of the engine starting characteristics under the conditions of high and low temperatures are carried out in a climate chamber.

The measurements and processing of the parameters performed on the rigs are automated and carried out with using the NPP MERA and Bruel & Kjaer measuring facilities.

tech112To perform special works, calibration and gauging of the measuring units a non-standard equipment is designed and manufactured.

The test workshop, a constituent part of the experimental and test facility consists of 14 test benches, it executes the works on the tests of the aero engines, industrial gas turbine units to be developed and overhauled, and resolves the following tasks:

– execution of special research, development, official (certification) tests of GTEs, their gas generators and objects of industrial application;

– design, manufacture and mounting the equipment of the test benches, measuring and indication systems, and the automated system for an objective condition monitoring of the engines to be tested and the test bench equipment.