Fedir Mikhailovich Muravchenko

Biographic information

muravchenko2About life and activities of Associate Member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Academy of Sciences of Russian Federation, member of the International Engineering Academy, Doctor of Science (Engineering) , Professor, honored worker of science of Ukraine, laureate of State Prizes of the USSR and Ukraine, ‘Eminent engineer of XX century’ of the International Engineering Academy, cavalier of many orders and medals, Hero of Ukraine, Designer General Muravchenko Fedir Mikhailovich.

Famous soviet and Ukrainian scientist is the designer of gas turbine aero engines, unique engines and gas turbine drivers (GTD) with high service-life and high level of reliability. Fedir Mikhailovich Muravchenko, Designer General, was born on March 18, 1929 in Zaporozhye village of Grudovato-Sinelnikovo district in Dneproprtrovsk region. He was the eights son of nine in the family of Varvara Mironovna and Mikhail Yefremovich. All their life his parents worked at collective farm of their region and fostered love of work in their children.

Fedir Mikhailovich Muravchenko began his labor activity in village smithy. At the end of the war a young blacksmith was only 15 years old. While training in a special school of air forces in Dnepropetrovsk during the first post-war years he introduced to aviation. This fact determined all his further life and he entered the Charkov Aviation Institute. Having obtained the profession of an aero engine designer after graduation in 1954 he was directed to OKB (Experimental Design Bureau) of plant No. 478 (Motor-Sich JSC now ) in Zaporozhye.

On the post of engineer designer he joined in the development of the AI-20 gas turbine engine (GTE) with all the energy and purposefulness of his nature. He did a lot for this engine to win in a competitive struggle.

In 1959 Fedir Mikhailovich Muravchenko was appointed head of design team on engine starting operations. At the same time he foresaw a great potential of the system of air starting of GTEs. For the first time in the USSR a system of air starting of GTEs was designed under his leadership in order to replace a bulky and complicated electric system. Afterwards a new system of GTE starting was widely applied aboard transport and passenger aircraft. Even today this system is used for starting almost all high- and medium-power GTEs. He managed to consider and analyze carefully the operation of all the elements of the design , to find optimum and original solutions while developing a new technical equipment. It allowed for raising a technical level of combustion chambers and achieving service life of 4000 hours at first time in the world’s practice of engine manufacturing as early as in 1965. He was one of the first who realized the advantages of annular combustion chamber application. He founded the school of designing law-emission combustion chambers and due to this fact all the engines designed by the enterprise since 1965 satisfy the rigorous world’s ecological standards.

In March 1965 he was appointed chief designer and headed the works connected with industrial application of GTEs. With his direct assistance by a request of the Ministry of oil and gas industry the engines for driving a range of drilling rigs and drivers for stimulation of oil production were designed on the basis of the AI-24 turboprop aero engine: AI-23, AI-23U, AI-23SG GTDs. A lot of oil and gas fields in the Siberia were explored using these drivers. Great research and design works were conducted in order to change over the engine supply to diesel fuel and natural gas and to develop of specialized industrial GTDs: GIG-4 (Inert Gas Generator) and 2UVAG water- heating unit, etc.

From 1966 to 1968 the AI-20S and AI-23S-1 GTDs were designed for Burevestnik and Taifun hydrofoils, Sormovich hovercrafts. These vessels were successfully in operation in river and sea navigation lines.

On the basis of the AI-20 and AI-24 turboprop aero engines the drivers were designed which were installed in the SM-6 wigcraft (a prototype of the Caspian monster vessel), in the GTU-1000 gas turbine units of mobile 5E41power stations at Sever 1 pipe-welding facility and AI-24 PGTE, PAES-1660, PAES-2500 power stations.

In 1967 by order of Ministry of aviation industry of the USSR Muravchenko was appointed deputy chief designer on experimental development, in 1983 chief designer, first deputy chief manager of Progress Zaporozhye Machine-Building Design Bureau, since May 1989 Designer General of Progress Zaporozhye Machine-Building Design Bureau.

Fedir Mikhailovich Muravchenko grounded and realized the concepts of designing the families of turbojet engines with a high bypass ratio (which are almost unique in the world’s practice) which give the opportunity to reduce significantly costs of development, certification and putting into series production of aero engines and gas turbines of industrial application.

With the direct assistance of Fedir Mikhailovich Muravchenko a great work was done and new engines were designed:

  1. New versions of the AI-20, AI-24 turboprop engines were designed and improved to power An-8, An-10, An-12, An-24, An-26, An-30, An-32, Be-12, Il-18, Il-18, Il-20, Il-22, and Il-38aircraft.
  2. A range of engineering works conducted to provide reliability and increase of service life of the following engines in service: AI-20 of all versions, AI-24, AI-25, AI-25 TL, AI-8, AI-9, AI-9V, D-36, D-136, D-18T.
  3. Such engines have been already designed and introduced into series production: the D-36, the first home-manufactured turbofan bypass engine, which has 6 modified versions and powers An-72, An-74, An-74FK-300, Yak-42; the D-18T, one of the most powerful engines to power An-124 Ruslan, An-225 Mriya transport aircraft; the D-136 turboshaft engine to power Mi-26 helicopter, which is unique due to its power and carrying capacity; the AI-25TL and DV-2 turbojet engines of high reliability to power L-39, L-59 trainers of Czech production; development of new engines of the D-436 family (of 6 modified versions) to power Tu-334, An-148 passenger and Be-200 amphibian airplanes; the TV3-117VMA-SBM1turboprop engine and AI9-3B APU to power An-140.
  4. Several engines have been already designed and are currently under official and certification tests: the D-27 aero engine of the 5th generation (the first propfan engine which provides unique characteristics as installed in An-70 transport); the AI-222 turbojet engine to power Yak-160 combat trainers; the AI-450 turboshaft engine to power Ka-226 and Mi-2M helicopters.
  5. New engines are undergoing development tests: the AI-222-25F, the first in Ukraine turbojet engine with afterburner to power Chinese L-35combat trainers; the AI-22 turbojet engine to power Tu-324 passenger aircraft.
  6. At present intensive design work is conducted in order to develop new engine versions of the D-436, D-27, AI-222, and AI-450 engine families to power A/C of various classes.
  7. The D-336 gas turbines in the power range from 4 to 10MW have been designed and introduced in series production. Now gas-pumping stations of Ukraine, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan are retrofitted with them.
  8. Gas turbine drivers (GTD) have been designed and are currently in service to power mobile GTE AI-2500 power stations, AI-336E block-modular power station , MST-198, MST-20 electric generators.
  9. Full-size tests of the special equipment are conducted: AI-19 GIG inert gas generator on a truck chassis for indoors fire extinguishing; AI-45 low-power gas-pumping unit; TM-50, TM-210 refrigerating units.
  10. Combustion chamber for GTD of the power station rated at a power 65MW have been designed and is currently under the tests.
  11. New versions of GTDs of various powers are under development.

Fedir Mikhailovich Muravchenko was a very broad-minded in technical field, well-experienced person. He applies advanced science and technology achievements. He was a man of great engineering erudition. Due to his continuous work on increasing his technical knowledge it is possible to solve on the fly complicated problems on designing up-to-date aeronautical engineering on a proper technical level. Designer General works a lot at advancing ecological characteristics of GTDs, this matter was always of high priority at the enterprise.

As a result, all the engines satisfy the most rigorous world’s standards. For his great R&D work on designing aero engines Fedir Mikhailovich Muravchenko was awarded academical degree of Doctor of Science (Engineering) in 1991, professor in 1999, elected the academician of the Engineering Academy of Ukraine in 1992, the academician of the International Engineering Academy in 1999. In May 2003 he was elected the Associate Member of the Academy of Technical Sciences of the Russian Federation. He was a co-author of a state Program ‘The development of Ukrainian aviation industry’, author (co-author) of more than 170 scientific works and 42 author’s certificates and patents.

Fedir Mikhailovich Muravchenko has overcome a lot during his career from the post of engineer- designer to the post of Chief Executive Officer of SE Ivchenko-Progress, a leading manufacturer of aero engines for different types of aircraft and helicopters, and also engines of industrial application in Ukraine. While working he was entirely devoted to designing a new aviation technology.

For successful activity in the field of designing the new types of aeronautical engineering Fedir Mikhailovich Muravchenko was awarded high government rewards:

  • Medal for Labor Valour (1966);
  • Order of the Red Banner of Labour (1971);
  • Order of the October Revolution (1981);
  • State prize of the USSR (1984);
  • State prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology (1994);
  • Order of Merit of III, II, I degrees (1994, 1999, 2005);
  • Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (1999);
  • Title of the Hero of Ukraine (with presentation of state order, 2002);
  • Honorary title of Honored worker of science and technology of Ukraine (2003) ;
  • Order of Friendship of Russian Federation (2004);
  • Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise (2009)

Muravchenko has left a heritage- the stuff of thousands of designers, researchers and production workers able to solve unique problems on designing the best aviation technology in the world. With his direct assistance long-term programs on the development of civil aviation and on conversion of aero engines in Ukraine were developed in order to be applied in national economy. Fedir Mikhailovich Muravchenko, famous designer, scientist and manager had a great authority in the field of aero engine designing not only among the specialists of CIS countries but also around the whole aviation world.

Fedir Mikhailovich Muravchenko died on February 8, 2010.