Foreign Economic Relations Department >>>

Phone: +38(061) 769-61-83

Head of Department: Mr. Nikita Zalunin

E-mail: ovs[at]

Material and Component Purchase Department >>>

тел.: +38(061) 287-40-37; 720-50-81

Head of Department: Mr. Ihor Fedorov

E-mail: FedorovIA[at]

Serial Engine Support Department >>>

Phone: +38(061) 287-22-88

Head of Department: Mr. Sergiy Polyakov

E-mail: s.polyakov[at]

Human Resource Department >>>

Phone: +38(061) 287-26-61; 720-40-19
Head of Department: Mrs. Antonina Muravchenko

E-mail: MuravchenkoAI[at]

Department of Quality Management

Phone: +38(061) 720-49-08

Mobile: +38(050) 322-69-23

Head of Department: Mr. Oleg Vizirenko

E-mail: vizirenkood[at]

Legal department of enterprise

Phone: +38(061)720-54-74; 212-91-21

Head of Department: Mrs. Tatiana Oleksenko

E-mail: t.oleksenko[at]

Department of Markeing and Scientific and Technical Information

Phone: +38(061)769-95-80

Head of Department: Mr. Sergiy Dmytriyev


Procurement and Engine Production Cooperation Department

Phone: +38(0612)65-63-53

Head of Department: Mr. Nikolay Gorbenko

E-mail: n.gorbenko[at]

Management of enterprise infrastructure

Phone: +38(061) 720-54-85

Head of Department: Mr.Roman Chertkov

E-mail: ChertkovRA[at]


Security Department

Phone: +38(061)7690407

Еnterprise Officer for Anti-Corruption

Mr. Sergiy Tsymbal


Press Center

Head of Press Center: Mrs. Olga Kornienko