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Patent activity of the enterprise

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Intellectual property is an exclusive right of using creativity products for commercial purposes.

Ivchenko-Progress SE owns significant intellectual property, including inventions, utility models, industrial designs, and trademarks.

The history of intellectual property of Ivchenko-Progress SE dates back to the post-world war II years. Of many author’s certificates issued to the enterprise, the oldest one is the USSR Author’s Certificate applied for on 20 July, 1953. In the second half of 1960s the enterprise took its first steps to protect its intellectual property rights abroad. On 10 June,1966, for the first time the application was filed and the patent “A centrifugal compressor with anti-surge device” granted in Great Britain. The invention relates to the structure of the AI-8 auxiliary gas turbine engine intended for start of AI-20-type turboprop engines, and power supply of onboard network of the An-8, An-10, Be-12 aircraft and the Mi-6, Mi-6A, Mi-10 helicopters. During 1969-1983 a series of copyright certificates for inventions that protected our rights on the territory of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (ČSSR) was published. At this time, the company is closely cooperating with the Czechoslovak machine-building plant Považské strojárne named after Klement Gottwald on manufacture of the DV-2 two-spool turbofan engine designed to power the L-59 trainer aircraft”. Some of enterprise’s inventions received patents in Germany, Poland and the U.S.A.

In addition to the aviation theme, the enterprise develops and manufactures consumer goods. Among those is the motorized saw Druzhba which celebrated its 60 year anniversary in 2013. It is well known in the Ukrainian forestry, and exported to 22 countries, especially China. This development is protected by the U.S.S.R. Author’s Certificate no. 90799 “A motorized saw for tree felling and bucking“ dated 27 August, 1953.

Currently, the enterprise owns a variety of protective documents. Among those are numerous U.S.S.R. Author’s Certificates which are converted into the patents of Russia and Ukraine, patents for inventions, utility models, industrial designs, certificates of utility models, and declarative patents.

Letters for the “Best Invention of the Year” and the award “Golden Trademark” for the company’s trademark
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Patenting of inventions in the USSR – 314 copyright certificates

In the period of the U.S.S.R., our enterprise received more than 300 author’s certificates. The oldest one, titled “Vanes of axial-flow turbines and compressors”, was applied for on 20 July, 1953. Inventions related to various topics, and covered design, technological, metallurgical, and many other technical solutions. In was then that the widely known AI- and D-family engines were developed and built, including turbojet, turboshaft, turbofan, turboprop fan engines and auxiliary power units.

The explosive growth and formation of the aircraft-engine complex in the Soviet time led to the appearance of a large amount and variety of defensive legal documents as author’s certificates issued by the State Committee of the USSR for Inventions and Discoveries.

Patenting of inventions in Russia

Patenting of inventions in Ukraine