Support serial production. Repair

SE IVCHENKO-PROGRESS, being the designer of aviation and industrial engines, and gas turbine power-plants, renders a wide range of services to different organizations and private persons:

•development and finishing of aviation and industrial engines (as well as their individual components) according to the Customer’s Request for Proposal;
•designing and technical support of engines during operation and at overhaul plants;
•all types of repair of aviation and industrial engines: Д-36, Д-136, Д-436, Д-18Т, Д-336, АИ-336.
•extension of service life and life-time of aviation engines designed by the enterprise according to the technical state;
•performance of controlled operation of leader engines in order to increase the service life coefficients;
•after-sales service and support of industrial engines, balancing and commissioning.
Repair of aviation engines is certified by AR MAK and State Aviation Administration of Ukraine. For full information and terms of contract conclusion address the Department of International Economic Relations of SE IVCHENKO-PROGRESS
Tele-Fax No.: +38-0612-65-61-05 or +38-0612-65-46-97
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