Filter sediment trap

The experience gained in service indicates that the existing standard equipment can not provide a required gas purification from solid and liquid fractions under abnormal events occurred in the gas supplying system. In order to purify a gaseous fuel to the state specified in ГОСТ 5542-87, a unit for gas re-purification comprising a filter sediment trap is introduced at inlet of the gas-turbine drive (GTD) fuel system.
The product design is protected by patent

No. 68288A of Ukraine and ensures a safe, free of pollution operation.
The product electric equipment power supply is 28.5 ± 10% V DC with a switching current of up to 0.85 A.

Gas operating pressure, kg/cm2 up to 30
Unit gas pressure drop ratio, kg/cm2 less than 0,5
Purification grade:
from solid particles larger than 40 µ full
from liquid fractions full
Gas flow rate, kg/h up to 2500

Brochure Filter sediment trap, pdf