AI-322 Turbofan

Designed to power modern trainers and combat trainers. The AI-322 engine is installed on the L-15A. In commercial production since 2009.

Maximum power (SLS, ISA σin=1)
Thrust, kgf (flat rated to ISA =+30 °С) 2,500
Specific fuel consumption, kg/kgf/h 0.64
Maximum power (H = 5,000 m; M = 0.6; ISA; σin=0.97)
Thrust, kgf 1,450
Cruise power (H = 10,000 m; M = 0.6; ISA; σin=0.97)
Thrust, kgf 300
Specific fuel consumption, kg/kgf/h 0.875
Dimensions, mm 2,238 х 860 х 1,102
Weight, dry (without propfan), kg 440
Specified service life, h 3,000

Brochure AI−222−25 Turbofan, pdf
Brochure AI−322 Turbofan, pdf


  • L-15A