AI-19IGG-A Automobile Unit

Designation and Sphere of Application

The AI-19IGG-A automobile unit is designated for localization, suppression and prevention of fires in closed spaces, such as mines, tunnels, cable manholes, oil-filling tankers, storerooms. The AI-19IGG inert gas generator mounted on an automobile chassis produces and delivers to a fire area a steam-gas mixture with low oxygen content which hampers burning or inflammation.

Main Technical Characteristics

The AI-19IGG-A unit and its auxiliary equipment is delivered as a modulus of full factory readiness. For convenience of transporting the steam-gas mixture to a fire area the AI-19IGG inert gas generator is mounted on a rotating platform of an automobile and is furnished with an extensible arrow-like pipeline. In the figure is shown a diagram of possible applications of the AI-19IGG-A unit for suppressing fire in different industrial premises. The maximally possible achievable altitude, at which the steam-gas mixture can be transported, makes up 14 meters.

The normal operation of the AI-19IGG unit is maintained with availability of the following conditions:

altitude above sea level up to, m 3000
ambient temperature, С° -30…+50
air relative humidity, % 80
wind velocity, m/s 20
terrain slope prior to installation, % (degree) 5,2 (3°)
Unit type Automotive unit
with extensible arrow-like pipeline and turntable.
Mounting base KAMAZ-53229
automobile chassis and AI-19IGG inert gas generator.
Turntable rotation speed, rpm 0.3…1.5
Arrow lifting (lowering) speed,
Road clearance, mm 290
Overall dimensions in transport attitude, m  
length 12
width 2.5
height 3.8
Unit weight with tanks full of water and fuel, ton 18
Maximal transport velocity, km/h  
roads with improved covering
field roads
Minimal automobile turning radius,