AI-9 Auxiliary Power Unit

Designed to supply compressed air to air starting systems of Yak-40, М-15 aircraft, Мi-14, Mi-24, Ка-27, Ка-29, Ка-31, Ка-32, Ка-50, Ка-52, Ка-60 helicopters.The engine has Type Certificate. In commercial production since 1969.

Rated rotational speed, min-1 38,500 ± 500
Bleed airflow, kg/sec 0.38
Bleed air pressure, total, MPa, not less than 0.24
Bled air temperature, ºС 130
Fuel consumption, kg/h, not over 75
Dimensions, mm 740.5 x 515 x 490.3
Weight, dry, kg 45
Сертификат типа Госавислужбы Украины

SAAU Type Certificate

Сертификат типа АР МАК

IAC AR Type Certificate


  • Yak-40


  • М-15


  • Мi-14