AI9-3B Auxiliary Power Unit

Used as auxiliary power unit of An-140 aircraft and other aircraft and helicopters.
Used for starting aircraft propulsive engines and conditioning cockpits and cabins, and also for powering airborne electric equipment. The engine has Type Certificate. In commercial production since 2000.

Performance (SLS, ISА +30 ºС)
Aircraft electric system AC power, kW 16
Bleed airflow,kg/sec 0.4
Bleed air pressure, total, kg/cm2 3.3
Bled air temperature, ºС, not more 190
Fuel consumption, kg/h 92
Dimensions, mm 1,149.5 х 580.5 х 663.5
Engine weight with accessories, kg 128
SAAU Type Certificate

SAAU Type Certificate

IAC AR Type Certificate

IAC AR Type Certificate


  • An-140