AI-9V Auxiliary Power Unit

Used as power source effecting supply of compressed air to starting system of helicopter engines and electric power supply to helicopter electric power system when checking helicopter electrical and radio equipment. Installed on Мi-8 (Mi-8АМТ, Mi-8МТV, Mi-17, Mi-171, Мi-172), Мi-24 (Mi-35), Мi-28 helicopters. In commercial production since 1974.

Rated rotational speed, min-1 36,750 ± 475
Bled airflow, kg/sec 0.4
Bleed air pressure, total, MPa, not less than 0.29
Bleed air temperature, ºС 160
Fuel consumption, kg/h, not over 80
Dimensions, mm 888 х 530 х 490
Weight, dry, kg 65
SAAU Type Certificate

SAAU Type Certificate

IAC AR Type Certificate

IAC AR Type Certificate


  • Mi-8


  • Mi-28


  • Mi-24