D-27 Propfan

Designed to power high-performance passenger and transport aircraft with improved take-off and landing performance in the load-carrying capacity class of 50 tons. Installed on the An-70 aircraft. The engine has the Type Certificate. In commercial production since 2014.

Takeoff (SLS, ISA +30 °С, 730 mm mercury)
Equivalent power, e.h.p. 13,240
Specific fuel consumption, kg/e.h.p./h 0.180
Maximum cruise (Н=11,000 m, М=0.7, ISA)
Equivalent power, e.h.p. 6,750
Specific fuel consumption, kg/e.h.p./h 0.140
Dimensions, mm 2,065 x 880 x 1,210
Engine weight, dry (without propfan), kg 1,650
Specified service life, h 18,000


  • An-70