D-36, Series 1,1A, 2A, 3A Turbofan

Designed for use on medium-haul passenger and transport aircrafts with a passenger capacity of up to 120 people or a payload of up to 10 tons. The D-36 series 1 engine was installed on the Yak-42 passenger aircraft, the D-36 series 1A, 2A on the An-72 transport aircraft, the D-36 series 2A, 3A on the An-74 transport aircraft. The engine has the Type Certificate. In conformity with existing ICAO Environmental Standard requirements. In commercial production since 1984.

series 1 series 1А, 2А series 3А
Takeoff (SLS, ISA+15ºС)
Thrust, kgf 6,500
Specific fuel consumption, kg/h/kgf 0.358
Max cruise (Н=8,000 m, М=0.75, ISA)
Thrust, kgf 1,600
Specific fuel consumption, kg/h/kgf 0.65
Dimensions, mm 3,930 × 2,030 × 2,270 3,192 × 1,541 × 1,711.5 3,192 × 1,541 × 1,711.5
Weight, dry, kg 1,124
Specified service life, h 18,000 24,000 18,000
Applicability Yak-42 An-72, An-74 An-74
SAAU Type Certificate

SAAU Type Certificate

IAC AR Type Certificate

IAC AR Type Certificate


  • Yak-42


  • An-74


  • (Українська) Аn-72

    (Українська) Аn-72