D-336-1/2, D-336-1Т/2Т Gas-Turbine Drive

Used as drives of superchargers, gas-pumping, gas-lifting and other industrial units.
Mounted on gas pumping units GPA-C-6A, and others. 6 MW
D-336-1/2 D-336-1Т/2Т
tin=+15ºС tin=+25ºС
Rated power, kW 6,300
Exhaust gas temperature, ºC 431
Free turbine, rpm 8,200
The direction of rotation of a free turbine:
– D-336-1, D-336-1Т left-hand
– D-336-2, D-336-2Т right-hand
Content of contaminants in exhaust gases, mg/Hm,3, not more
NOx 150 (50*)
– CO 300 (80*)
Efficiency %, ISO, not less 31 31.8
Specified service life, h, not less 100,000
( *GTD with low emission combustion chamber)

Brochure D-336-1/2, D-336-1Т/2Т Gas-Turbine Drive, pdf