D-336-1/2-4 Gas-Turbine Drive

Designed to drive the gas pumping units, power plants and other industrial plants
Mounted on gas pumping units GPA-C-4A, and others. 4 MW

Rated power, kW H=0, tin=+15ºС 4,200
Exhaust gas temperature, ºC 407
Free turbine rpm 8,200
Efficiency %, ISO, not less 26.5
Ecology parameters:
NOx/CO, mg/Hm,2, not more 150 (*300)
NOx/CO, mg/Hm,2, not more 50 (*200)
Dimensions, mm 3,932 x 1,068 x 1,227
Specified service life, h, not less 100,000
( * GTD with low emission combustion chamber)