D-436T1 Turbofan

Designed to power short-haul passenger aircraft with passenger capacity of up to 100 people. Installed on theTu-334-100 short-haul aircraft. It has the Type Certificate. It meets the effective environmental requirements of ICAO standards. In commercial production since 2000.

Takeoff (SLS, ISA +15 °С)
Thrust, kgf 7,500
Specific fuel consumption, kg/h/kgf 0.37
Max cruise (Н=11,000 m, М=0.75, ISA)
Thrust, kgf 1,670
Specific fuel consumption, kg/h/kgf 0.617
Dimensions, mm 4,170 x 1,802 x 1,949
Weight, dry, kg 1,360
Specified service life, h 40,000
SAAU Type Certificate

SAAU Type Certificate (D-436T1)

IAC AR Type Certificate

IAC AR Type Certificate (D-436T1)


  • Tu-334