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  1. Long-term life tests of a turboprop engine AI-450CP-2

    At the site of the “Ivchenko-Progress” SE’s Experimental and Testing Complex, the next scheduled long-term equivalent-cyclic testing of the AI-450CP-2 turboprop engine has been successfully completed, aimed to establish the first overhaul period for the engine prior to the start of its flight testing as part of a new TA-20 […]

  2. Type Certificate for the AI-450 engine was issued on August 6, 2021

    On August 6, 2021, the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine issued the Type Certificate No. TD0070 for the Ivchenko Progress SE  AI-450T engine.

  3. Advanced Modelling Methodology for Bearing Chamber

    On April 20, 2021, within the framework of the АМВЕС project, the test bench was accepted and control tests of the bearing chamber were successfully carried out. The test bench is intended for researching the bearing chamber (turbine) in the АМВЕС research and development project “Advanced Modelling Methodology for Bearing […]

  4. Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 335/2020

    By the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 335/2020 dated 21.08.2020 for significant personal contribution to the scientific and technological development of Ukraine, considerable labor achievements and high professionalism, Igor Fedorovich Kravchenko, Director of the State Enterprise “Ivchenko-Progress”, was awarded the title “Honored Machine Builder of Ukraine”.

  5. The State Science and Technology Prize of the People’s Republic of China

    On December 18, 2019, L-15, an advanced training aircraft with the AI-222K-25/AI-322 engines, was awarded with the First State Science and Technology Prize of the People’s Republic of China for the year 2019.

  6. The Ministry of education and science of Ukraine recognized the status of scientific organization

    SE Ivchenko-Progress has been granted the Certificate of scientific institution, No.00028 by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine. The enterprise is allocated to classification group II for a period of 3 years till 31 May 2022.

  7. Equivalent- cyclic testing of the AI-450C turboprop engine

    The scheduled endurance equivalent-cyclic testing of the AI-450C turboprop is successfully completed at the Experimental Test Complex of SE Ivchenko-Progress. The testing was aimed to extend the service life before first overhaul and the assigned service life of all small-sized turboprop models developed on the basis of AI-450C. Between April […]

  8. Commissioning of an upgraded test bench

    The engineering services of SE Ivchenko-Progress completed the commissioning of the modernized test bench No. 13 in the Experimental Research Facility of the enterprise (photo 1-3), and on May 23, 2019, the calibration certificate was issued for the bench. The bench has been completely refurbished by the company’s own efforts, […]

  9. Modernization of the fan housing of D-18T engine in the 3M profile

    In the course of upgrading the D-18T Series 3 engine fan casing to the 3M series, documentation was developed and a ring was made of the 6NT polymer composite organite material by the winding method, which was used to increase the impenetrability margin when the fan blade breaks. This ring […]

  10. Re-equipment of production for output of AI-450 engine and its modifications

    To implement the technical re-equipment program, we purchased the WEILER E150 and GORATU GEMINIS GT7 turning centers and Puma 4100 CNC lathes. The use of these machines in the manufacturing process of centrifugal wheels ensured the identity and accuracy of the surfaces machined, made it possible to reduce the cost […]

  11. Production of parts for one-time mounting

    The purchase by Ivchenko-Progress of state-of-the-art FTC 350SLY Feeler turning and milling machines has significantly reduced the share of manual labor, as well as abandoning obsolete equipment. The operation of new machines will increase the volume of production of one-time mounted parts required for the repair of an aircraft engine.

  12. Introduction of a new generation thermal barrier coating for turbine nozzle guide vanes

    Based on numerous experiments, the technology of application of the multilayer thermal barrier coating on the nozzle guide vanes and flame tubes of aircraft engines was developed at the enterprise. New coating has a heat-resistant metallic sublayer applied by HVOF method, and a ceramic upper layer applied by plasma method. […]

  13. AERO-UA – Strategic and targeted support for cooperation between Europe and Ukraine in the field of aviation research

    The participants of the event has gathered before the monument to Alexander Ivchenko in front of the building of the design and research center, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine. In the period from 24 to 25 April 2019 in Zaporizhzhya was held an international information and contact event, implemented within the framework of […]

  14. Introduction of a new centrifugal wheel making equipment

    At SE Ivchenko-Progress, the Starrag CAD / CAM high-speed milling technology has acquired a new development on new Fehlmann Versa 825 machining centers. The dynamics, stiffness, and high- productivity of the machining centers allow to produce blisks without further benchwork operations, thus reducing the labour content of the details manufacture […]

  15. Installation of the climate test bench

    The enterprise manufactured and installed the climate test bench for testing engines as part of the K-2 plant of Experimental Research Facility. In order to develop promising aircraft engines, and their further certification according to the requirements of international organizations, the company produced the climate test bench. At the moment, […]

  16. The cleaning technology of closed-type ball bearings

    The non-contact pulsed magnetic-turbulent cleaning technology of closed-type ball bearings has been successfully introduced at the enterprise. This technology makes it possible to remove mechanical and other impurities from bearings. The non-contact pulsed magnetic-turbulent cleaning bench has been developed by MAN Invest LTD and the National Aerospace University under the […]

  17. The finishing process using the of 5-axis creep-feed grinding

    The creep-feed grinding process has been successfully introduced at the enterprise. The process is a realization of integral machining technology, and brings together shaping and formation of a high quality surface layer of complex- profile parts. The process is performed on the MAGERLE MFP-50 5-axis profile grinding center that is […]

  18. Commemoration of the General Designer F. Muravchenko anniversary

    The talented designer of aircraft engines, famous scientist, doctor of technical sciences, professor, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR and Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine Fedor Muravchenko would have turned 90 on March 18, 2019. He was awarded the title […]

  19. Mechanical deburring and blunting of blade edges

    SE Ivchenko-Progress has adopted the technology of mechanical deburring and edge-blunting. The technology affords the possibility to debur and blunt the airfoil edges of gas turbine engine rotor blades from Ti and heat-proof alloys by means of an OSBORN abrasive brush after finishing. Deburring with the brush will become 5-time […]

  20. New manufacturing technology of SiliFlex silicone molds has been developed

    To meet special requirements of the European certification norms according to which at injection of simulated hailstones into an engine, a ballistic body velocity shall be min. 205 m/s, a specially profiled composite material barrel for injection of simulated hailstones has been designed and manufactured at SE Ivchenko-Progress. This new […]

  21. Information and Networking event to be held in the framework of international European project AERO-UA on April 24-25, 2019 in Zaporizhia

    On April 25, 2019 an Information and Networking event will be held in Zaporizhia in the framework of international European project AERO-UA (“Strategic and Targeted Support for Europe-Ukraine Collaboration in Aviation Research”). The purpose of this event is to raise awareness of opportunities for aeronautical enterprises and organizations participation in […]

  22. Overhaul of the building of the design research complex

    Completed work on the overhaul of the building of the design research complex for the purpose of arranging the ventilated facade of the building as part of the company’s energy saving program.

  23. Production of ceramic rods using a 3D printer

    In February 2019, in the foundry of the enterprise, work continues on testing the manufacture of ceramic rods forming the inner cavity of the turbine blade airfoils on the 3D printer. The equipment installed in the mechanical-foundry-thermal complex allows making complex ceramic products with the parameters of the shape and […]

  24. Blade fabrication technique from ring forgings

    Mastering the technique of making blades from ring forgings reduced significantly equipment design and manufacturing costs compared to blades from single blanks. Blade roots were formed on the Weiler E150 turn-mill center in a ring which was then erosion-cutted into separated blade blanks and machined on the Starrag milling machine. […]

  25. Acceptance testing of the first AI-450CP-2 engine

    In January 2019, the first AI-450CP-2 engine, slated for delivery, was assembled and passed the acceptance tests at SE Ivchenko-Progress. The AI-450CP-2 turboprop engine, with a maximum take-off power of up to 750 h.p., is a modification of the AI-450C-2 engine, developed for an aerobatic aircraft using with the use […]

  26. Testing blending scopes on the D-18T engine

    In December 2018, the TBS-6 blending scopes were fitted and tested on the service engine D-18T (Fig.1) by specialists of SE Ivchenko- Progress in cooperation with consultants of Richard Wolf GmbH. A broad list of available TBS-6 heads makes possible blending of all stages of the D-18T engine compressor that […]

  27. Cooperation with Siemens Industry Software

    At the end of 2018 SE Ivchenko-Progress, together with Siemens Industry Software (Austria) and PLM Tools LLC (Ukraine), launched a large-scale implementation of Siemens Teamcenter and NX CAD / CAM / PLM systems to develop high-tech life-cycle support products. Building an integrated information design environment based on three-dimensional modeling in […]

  28. Confirmation of the status of a scientific organization

    On November 11, 2018, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine issued SE Ivchenko Progress Certificate No. 02553 confirming the status of a scientific organization for a period up to June 1, 2019. The company has been entered in the State Register of Scientific Organizations since 2016. The company […]

  29. Measuring the environmental performance with use of the SMARTEMIS system

    In September 2018, for the first time in Ukraine, the environmental performance of the D-436-148FM, including non-volatile particulate matter (PM) was measured with use of SMARTEMIS by Swiss Federal laboratories for Materials Testing and research (EMPA), on the proposal of ICAO. The testing was carried out on the test bench […]

  30. Bench testing of the D-436-148FM for ingestion of hail, small congregatory birds, and water

    From April to September 2018, the certification bench testing of the D-436-148FM was carried out that proved the compliance of the engine with the EASA CS-E Airworthiness Directives for ingestion of large hail, small congregatory birds, and water.

  31. Visiting Scientific Session of the Scientific Council of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

    The main topic of the session is “Actual problems of increasing the reliability and resource of modern aviation gas turbine engines and ways to solve them”. The main tasks of the scientific council is a highly qualified assessment of the state and prospects for the development of fundamental and applied […]

  32. Granting the Certificate № 02420 of Evidence of Scientific Organization Status

    Granting the Certificate of Evidence of Scientific Organization Status On May 2, 2018, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine granted the Certificate of Evidence of Scientific Organization Status, No. 02420, to Ivchenko-Progress SE. The enterprise was entered in the State Register of Scientific Organizations for the period up […]

  33. New AI-450CP turboprop engine certified

    On May 5, 2018, the State Aviation Service of Ukraine issued Type Certificate no. TD0070, Edition 02 to SE Ivchenko Progress for confirmation of compliance of the AI-450CP engine with EASA CS-E European Airworthiness Requirements. The new AI-450CP turboprop engine that received the Type Certification, has been designed to power […]

  34. Veritas Certificate EN 9100

    On Tuesday, 20th of March 2018, a presentation ceremony of the Certificate of Quality Management System Compliance according to EN 9100 was held in the conference room of the State Enterprise Ivchenko-Progress. The official representative of Bureau Veritas Certification Body, Director General of Bureau Veritas Ukraine Maksim Vediankin handed over […]

  35. Bench testing of the D-436-148FM engine thrust reverser

    In February 2018, the bench testing of the D-436-148FM bypass engine was carried out that confirmed the thrust reverser and its control systems meet the requirements of European norms.

  36. The State Enterprise Ivchenko-Progress

    The State Enterprise Ivchenko-Progress The enterprise belongs to SC Ukroboronprom and is a leader in the Ukrainian aircraft engine manufacturing industry. It has a portfolio of 75 certificates, including certificates of aircraft developer, certificates of design/manufacture/retrofit/repair/maintenance quality for aircraft engines and gas-turbine drives, engine type certificates issued by the Bureau […]

  37. Ivchenko-Progress celebrate 30-year anniversary of the completion of development work on their D-18T engine

    On February 23d, 2017, an important event happened in the history of the Zaporozhye aircraft engine-building complex and the aircraft engine building industry of Ukraine. This day, the State Testing Certificate on the D-18T turbofan was signed. Originally, the engine had been proposed for installation on the An-124 Ruslan airlifter. […]

  38. The first start of the AI-136T turboshaft engine

    Congratulations to the staves of Ivchenko-Progress SE and Motor-Sich JSC on the first start of the AI-136T turboshaft engine for new super-heavy  helicopters application which was held on 19th January, 2017!

  39. Granting the Certificate of Evidence of Scientific Organisation Status

    On December 13, 2016, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine granted the Certificate of Evidence of Scientific Organisation Status, No. 02253,to Ivchenko-Progress SE. The enterprise was entered in the State Register of Scientific Organisations for the period up to October 1, 2017.

  40. International partnership

    The State Enterprise “Ivchenko-Progress”, for the first time in its modern history, has concluded a contract with a Chinese customer for the works on technical condition assessment of civil aircraft engines in order to further increase their service life characteristics. The signed contract and 100% advance payment received thereunder resulted […]

  41. The first flight of the DART-450

    Diamond’s trainer DART-450 powered by the AI-450CD turboprop made its first flight on May 17, 2016.

  42. The first flight of An-178 powered with the certification-profile D-436-148FM engine

    On February 5th, 2016, the An-178 transport aircraft powered with the certification-profile D-436-148FM engine from SE Ivchenko-Progress took its first flight in Kiev. The D-436-148FM is a modification of the D-436-148 engine. It features an increased takeoff thrust and improved emission performance. Effective sound proof structures have been integrated into […]

  43. Scientific and Technical Conference “New Developments and Technologies in the Aero Engine Manufacturing”.

    February 1st, 2016 the scientific and technical conference “New developments and technologies by SE Ivchenko-Progress in the design, manufacture, maintenance, and repair of aircraft engines over the period 2010-2016. The extension of cooperation ties” took place. The conference program included presentations on current issues in designing advanced aircraft gas-turbine engines, […]

  44. The first start of the certification-profile D-436-148FM turbofan

    The first start of the certification-profile D-436-148FM turbofan engine was made on December 9th, 2015. This was preceded by a large scope of stand experimentation and analytical research into optimization of the engine structure to support specified requirements.

  45. Decision of the Attestation Board under the Ministry of the science and education of Ukraine

    The Attestation Board under the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine, by its decision dated 29.09.2015 conferred an academic degree of Doctor of Engineering to the designer general of SE Ivchenko-Progress.

  46. Type test of D-18T Series 3M test engine

    28.08.2015, SE Ivchenko Progress started the development and type tests of the first D-18T Series 3M test engine. The engine is built on the basis of experimental D-18T Series 3. Distinctive parts and assemblies of Series 3M are manufactured at JSC Motor Sich and SE Ivchenko Progress.Measures introduced into D-18T […]

  47. SE Ivchenko-Progress will produce engines for Austrian aircrafts

    SE Ivchenko-Progress, a developer of gas turbine engines, will produce engines for light aircrafts manufactured by Austrian company Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH. Relevant agreements were signed at the international air show Le Bourget-2015 in Paris. Ukroboronprom signed a memorandum on certification adaptation, production, sales and aftersales service of the AI-450 […]

  48. An-178 has accomplished the first flight

    In 7 may, 2015, the new medium transport aircraft, An-178, powered by the engines developed by SE Ivchenko-Progress, for the first time has raised into the sky from the SE Antonov’s airdrome. The first flight lasted 1 hour. The flight was performed by the SE Antonov’s test crew consisting of: […]

  49. Beginning of An-178 flight tests

    In April 16, 2015, the pre-prototype of the An-178 medium transport aircraft of new-generation was rolled out. The aircraft is powered by the “A. Ivchenko SPA” corporation’s engines.


    In 12.02.2015 the enterprise has acquired a IAC AR supplemental type certificate for the AI-9V-1 GTE APU that is designated for using as a source of compressed air for starting the main engines, electric power supply for air borne systems and delivering air to the air conditioning system for cockpits […]

  51. Adopted AFU received military transport aircraft An 70 powered by the D-27 propfan engines

    On January 19, 2015 Defense Minister of Ukraine, Colonel-General Stepan Poltorak signed an order for passing into service to the Armed Forces of Ukraine the AN-70 military transport STOL aircraft powered by the D-27 propfan engines rated at 14,000 ehp ea, developed by Ivchenko Progress. As of today, D-27 is […]

  52. First flight DA50-JP7 ( Austria) with the turboshaft engine AI- 450S .

    (Russian) 19 января 2015 года в австрийском городе Винер-Нойштадт, состоялся первый полет самолета DA50-JP7 компания «Diamond Aircraft» с турбовинтовым двигателем AИ-450С (мощностью 465 л.с.).

  53. The first two-stage gas generator of D-18T engine series 3M was tested

    Currently, a corporation named Scientific Production Association “A.G. Ivchenko” (Motor Sich JSC and Ivchenko-Progress SE) continues the work on upgrading D-18T turbofan, which has no analogues in CIS countries, and which is installed on An-124 (Ruslan) and An-225 (Mriya) aircrafts. According to technical characteristics, namely: the transportation of oversized cargo […]

  54. Completion of state tests of An-70 military transport aircraft powered by D-27 propfan engines

    In 12.06.2014 the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine signed the Report on completion of state tests of An-70 military transport aircraft powered by D-27 propfan engines developed by SE Ivchenko Progress. The An-70 aircraft was passing tests with the D-27 engines manufactured in close cooperation between companies SE Ivchenko Progress, […]

  55. The first launch of a turboprop engine AI-450S.

    Use of general aviation (GA) gets a more and more greater extension across the world. SE Ivchenko Progress taking part in a number of international projects for creating engines for general aviation has developed a whole series of engines for airplanes of that class. In 20.12.2013 the first start of […]

  56. “Aviadvigatel” tests combustion chamber developed by the Ukrainian enterprise SE Ivchenko Progress for PD-14

  57. The State bench tests of the D-27 turbopropfan engine

    The State bench tests of the D-27 turbopropfan engine, designated for powering the An-70 aircraft, were completed successfully. Completion of D-27 turbopropfan engine official bench tests 1. At SE Ivchenko-Progress facilities, from October 16 to December 14, 2012, the D-27 turbopropfan engine was passing official bench tests in configuration with […]

  58. Millionth passenger

    12 September, 2012, the "Rossiya" airliners, Saint-Petersburg, carried the millionth passenger, since placed the An-148 regional aircraft powered by the D-436-148 turbofan engines in service.

  59. First flight of the modernized Mi-2M helicopter powered by AI-450M engines

    10 September 2012, at "Rost vertol" JSC, Rostov-on-the Don, held up was the first flight of the modernized Mi-2M helicopter powered by AI-450M engines, test pilot V.M.Kalashnikov.

  60. The first flight of an AN-124 “Fedor Muravchenko”

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  61. Seminar within the frame of the AERO-UKRAINE Project

    October 5th, 2010, Ivchenko-Progress SE hosted the seminar on the topic of ‘Cooperation between Ukraine and the EU in the field of aviation’ within the AERO UKRAINE Project. The main focus of the seminar was on the promotion of cooperation between Ukraine and the EU in the field of aviation […]

  62. Approval of the European Agency for Aviation Safety (EASA)

    The D-436TP three-shaft bypass turbofan engine was the first aircraft engine with the post-soviet area that has received EASA approval for compliance with the Western airworthiness standards, that ensuring entrance of the Be-200CHS amphibian to the European market.

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